Best Restaurants In York

Best Restaurants In York

The city of York is located halfway between London and Edinburgh cities. The city is filled with history and its amazing architecture. The most amazing historical past of the city is the fact that it has Roman roots and a Viking past which makes it very interesting. The city of York has some fascinating upcoming events in 2019 that will keep you interested ranging from the ice trail, Jorvik Viking festival, the York races, and York fashion week to mention but a few. 
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1.    Mr P’s curious tavern

Like their motto says to feed your curiosity. Mr P’s curious tavern is well known for its exquisite mouth-watering meals that will live you wanting some more. The restaurants serve all day from breakfast to dinner meals. If you fancy a side glass of wine with your meals then this is the right place for you. They offer the best wine in the city and make your meal with the quality of five-star hotels.

2.    Le Cochon Aveugle

Are you looking to enjoy the France menu in the middle of England? Then this restaurant is the best choice for you. Not only do they offer five-star quality meals but also serve you with French traditional meals. Moreover, the restaurant is family friendly and you can enjoy your meals with the kids and have a fantastic time. You can’t have the full French meal experience without a glass of wine on the side. They offer the best wines that you have ever tasted. Additionally, they serve wine with either lunch or dinner to suit your needs.

3.    Star inn the city

If you are looking for a family-friendly restaurant with views of the river Ouse. Then try the star inn the city restaurant. This is a polished bar and restaurant which is great for casual meals. The incredible views which are spectacular during summer make this place unique. The services in the restaurant start from breakfast to late dinners which allows you to enjoy the meals at any time of the day. An interesting factor is that the restaurant is located on the edge of the museum which makes it an amazing destination after a fantastic history lesson.

4.    Mannion & co

If you want to experience the tasty cakes and pastry in the city then you should try the Mannion & co restaurant. The restaurant was originally a greengrocer operated by the Mannion family. They later changed it to a restaurant that serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch. The café does not only offer pastry but also has other foods on the menu. From stellar salads to classic eggs Benedict, great sandwiches that are perfect for brunch and the heritage tomato panzanella with burata.

5.    Melton’s 

This is an elegant, one of a kind restaurant. It is the best choice for you if you want to plan a special occasion like your anniversary, birthday or proposal dinner. The chef puts an effort in every meal transforming it to a unique mouth-watering delicacy that will make your evening great. The chef incorporates the classic technique to the Yorkshire food which makes their meals quite unique. They serve dishes like the smoked almond and broccoli with sea trout that will make you fall in love with seafood. Also, they have the most delicious lamb that is served three ways the shoulder, loin, and bacon served with swede and the cavolo nero and black garlic that makes you meat lover once you taste.


Try out the best meals in any of the restaurants in York city and have the time of your life. Having a great meal can uplift your spirit all day. If you want to be chauffeured around by uniformed drivers who are professional and friendly try out the York minibus service.

Best Restaurants In York

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